The Flash: The Speed Force, explained

Harry confirms that what Cisco saw was in fact the Speed Force. The conversations that we see him have with different characters mould his mindset and leave him in a mentally better place. The speed force tells Barry that he needs to find a way to accept his moms death and that the force actually knows that Nora is proud of him. We hear Zoom tell Barry, "While you are playing the good little boy, I will be busy winning". Once they finished reading, Speed Force and Barry agreed he was ready to get his speed back and return to the real world. Cisco touches the costume, uses his vibe powers, and realizes Barry is alive. For Wally, there's a scene that calls back to Joe discovering Barry's speed. However, Iris has had a lot of mental hurdles she needed to clear before allowing herself to admit that she is in love with Barry. Or, she could go back to Team Flash and relay her info to help figure out a way to stop him. It seems that event has, understandably, continued to weigh heavily on Barry's psyche. It's a collection of pretty emotional scenes, particularly the ones with Nora Allen, as Barry gets to have a heart-to-heart with his mother (or a version of her, anyway) in which they bond over memories of his favorite book, "The Runaway Dinosaur".

The Flash is heating up, and our Tatiana Hullender is here to give her thoughts on the show's direction.

While Barry faced the physical reality of her death, and its impact on his life, last season-burying her, in a metaphorical sense-he never mourned his mom to the point where he could really move forward psychologically. Kevin Smith guest directed the action this time around with the writing and script provided courtesy of Zack Stentz, writer for "X-Men: First Class".

Whilst we did get a "Metahuman of the week" it was in a way that was brilliantly weird enough that only a director like Kevin Smith can manage.

Barry: "If you would rather have given these powers to somebody else, why did you give them to me?" The science as to his reanimation was a bit tenuous, but hey, we're not gonna complain about a zombie story. Iris says that she is going with Cisco this time. Zoom is terrorizing Central City, and "Rupture" (Cisco's brother's Earth-2 counterpart) is after Cisco (Carlos Valdes), so they decide to recreate the particle accelerator explosion. Joe refuses to let Barry go until he catches the black blur. Good pacing. Keen-eyed Kevin Smith fans were certain to note the Jason Mewes cameo not-so-subtly slipped into this episode (the guy who's Hummer is trashed by Girder). I just hope the writers have a few more Zoom-related wrinkles to throw our way. He questioned if this was his mother or the Speed Force speaking?

There were many heartfelt moments in "The Runaway Dinosaur", but there were some amusing ones too due to Zombie Girder. What should make Barry special among speedsters is that his connection is stronger or more direct, meaning that even if people like Jesse Wells and Wally West end up with powers (which seems likely right now), he'll still be faster. Is he keeping it a secret, or was that just a big fake out? What drew me to Iris is that we met her as a young woman who is trying to find herself in her career and her relationships.

Other line of the night (which also featured great network synergy): "Is iZombie still behind you?" Zoom also announced that Barry was gone and in the next episode, while he is trapped in another dimension, Zoom will try to take over Central City.