Humpback rescue underway in MA

The humpback whale was spotted Wednesday morning off Gloucester, Massachusetts Environmental Police said.

The father-son team notified authorities who sent out members of the California Whale Rescue (CWR) operation, who used a pole mounted hook knife to release the lines from the animal.

In the video, the fishing buoy can be seen in the water near the whale.

CNN affiliate KPIX reports that several whales have run into so-called "crab pot lines" because the late fishing season has clashed with the seasonal whale migration.

Rescue crews from the Center of Coastal Studies successfully freed a humpback whale that was entangled in fishing line attached to a buoy off the coast of Gloucester.

The whale was finally freed from most of the fishing line but some remained deeply embedded in the animal.

Oceanic Society Outreach Director Kathi Koontz.

It's against to law to get closer than 100 yards unless you have a special rescue permit from NOAA.