Nintendo Expects to Ship 16.7M Switch Consoles by April 2018

According to a statement from Psyonix, Switch owners will be able to experience the full fat version of its game, including "the features, upgrades and content that millions of players worldwide have come to know and love".

Wii U has sold 13.56 million units since its release in November 2012.

Nintendo's net profit leapt to 85 billion yen from 45 billion yen, while its operating profit now stands at a projected 120 billion yen from 65 billion yen, the firm reported. At the time, the Wii U was Nintendo's flagship game console, which saw a 53 percent drop in sales during the quarter compared to a year prior.

In celebration of the launch date announcement, a Nintendo Minute Rocket League segment is now available HERE.

The company told Reuters that it's again upping the number of Switch consoles being produced, with president Tatsumi Kimishima stating: "We've boosted Switch production in order to meet strong demand from our customers as it was hard for customers to buy the consoles at retail stores". With the holiday season sales quantities in Nov and Dec Nintendo thinks the red line (see above) will cross above the Wii sales performance chart. Nintendo knows this. "The true power of the Switch would be tested during the upcoming holiday season", said Kimishima.

As part of its latest earnings report, Nintendo shared new sales figures and updated its sales forecast. With the Switch, Nintendo dug itself out of the hole by not only winning back hardcore gamers, but also defending its core family demographic. Its game library and lack of third-party support didn't help, but many people pointed to the lack of need for a chunky, child-like tablet in a market where so many affordable tablet alternatives existed.

The Switch, on the other hand, has new titles released every one to two months for popular series. Nintendo also nabbed a 51 billion yen ($450 million) profit during the period, which was up 34.5% year-over-year.