F1 champion Hamilton is still no Schumacher, Senna or Prost — Opinion

Max Verstappen humbled the field in the high altitude of Mexico City. Looking at podiums, race wins, pole positions and titles, what sort of company is he keeping? Most seemed to suggest, 'yes', and I agreed with that as I said after Austin. "Champion of the world!"

"The challenge is going to be even bigger from Ferrari and Red Bull. F1 doesn't sleep".

"His race craft is probably unparalleled".

Whether this is due to the stadium section generating its own special atmosphere, the grandstands in sector one being closer to the track than we're used to, or whether the Mexican fans are just that passionate, the atmosphere on Sunday was unmatched.

"I hope we get to have many more like that".

Mercedes ultimately topped both points tables for the fourth straight season, but the way this one played out was nothing like the previous three in the V6 hybrid turbo era. Nowadays, the reliability is absolutely bulletproof and they're all able to push 100 per cent, all the time.

Credit should be given to the Mercedes team who looked to have limited the damage under extreme pressure.

"He has a lot of raw talent at the moment but he's young".

A word for Force India and their drivers. Very clear. Please, please race director look at the race please.

You could see drivers like Fernando Alonso, Verstappen, Daniel Ricciardo, Vettel, weren't hanging around. "I hope that's really the case". It was, to quote Max, "simply, simply lovely".

After taking the lead in the championship race at the Italian Grand Prix, Hamilton won three of the following five races. The talent that boy's got is just amazing.

Daniil Kvyat and Max Verstappen tend to have very contrasting weekends - especially when the Dutchman triumphs. The Interlagos and Yas Marina circuits do not appear to explicitly favor any one of the three teams in a strong way, either.

"I would enforce it. To everyone". He is a really, really worthy champion.

"Stop the car Nico".

And Hamilton made sure to slip a sly sledge towards Rosberg into his post-race press conference. There wasn't an arrogance to it at all.

"Actually it's not the same, because I messed up", Vettel had told The Times after Hamilton accepted his apology. In fact he was lapped for the first time since the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix. "I am losing the race here". "I did everything that I could". I thought I was going slow!' He did a 1min 18.9secs late in the race which I don't think the team was happy about and he just said, 'oh was that the fastest lap?' It was a psychological advantage to show to people that if he wants to, he can win the race by 40 seconds.

"This is not an opportunity for us to take our eye off the ball". It was pretty outstanding.

"It is not only that Lewis produces results".

Nico Rosberg posted a video on YouTube praising his one-time fierce rival, saying: 'Congrats, that was a really awesome performance this year and a really well deserved fourth championship, very impressive'. After the first lap, it was all pretty dramatic. It is about you finding your centre and your core. Even after the race, he seemed a little unsure.