New Atari console gets a release window and pricing details

Those interested in purchasing the upcoming "Ataribox" console from the classic gaming company now have new information to process.

The OS is Linux and the user interface will be tailored for the TV. Check back with A9K for the latest news on this interesting new console.

Whatever the case, Atari have made a decision to ditch the retro rehashes of consoles past and create a new Linux-based living room machine - the Ataribox. The manager also confirmed that they expect to market the system at a price between $250 Dollars and $300 USD. Now as we stated above not much has been mentioned about the games on the Ataribox except that it will play both retro and modern games. Besides a gaming device, Ataribox is also a full PC experience for the TV, bringing you streaming, applications, social, browsing, music, and more. And it'll run Linux - that means you'll be able to run any game compatible with those technologies and you'll be able to customize and run the system as you would a Linux PC.

As I mentioned before, the Ataribox will launch with access to a variety of different classic Atari titles. Atari recently revealed that it is working on a new IP and a new version of one of its most popular and beloved titles.

The Ataribox will cost around $250 - $300 (around R4000) and will ship in Spring 2018.

Alternatively, a Linux user may choose to use a compatibility app, such as Wine, to run Windows apps on their system. The story also said that during the Indiegogo campaign, "Atari will factor in feedback from fans, particularly on things like content, colors, special editions, early access, and design options".

There could be more details revealed in the future that might better justify the $299 price tag of the Ataribox, but as it stands right now, the console will be a hard sell for Atari.