'Game of Thrones' season 7 episode 2: Leaked details of major events

Daenerys and her advisers begin their planning to take over Westeros but Daenerys is slightly doubtful about Lord Varys, due to his changing loyalties. "You're a dragon. Be a dragon". She, Sansa, Bran, and Jon Snow have all had vastly different life experiences since they were all kids together at Winterfell. Meanwhile in the North, on receiving a message from the Raven, Sansa can not completely trust Daenerys's intentions. It's likely that dragon fire - which can create dragonglass - can also kill White Walkers, which means Daenerys is a good ally to have when you're fighting the army of the dead. It shows that the mother of Dragons is set to invade the King's Landings, and Cersei proclaims saying, "the first blood has drawn".

Does this make him a Mad Ham? Cersei, who is currently warming the Iron Throne that Daenerys claims is hers, now has an arrow, designed by the Hand of the Queen Qyburn, which is tough enough to pierce a dragon's skull. After Jim Broadbent's archmaester character dismissed Sam's request to try an experimental procedure, the maester-in-training took it upon himself to slice off several layers of Ser Jorah's encrusted skin. The process involves removing all of the greyscale on Jorah and then treating it with an ointment. Daenerys is more concerned with claiming Westeros from Cersei Lannister than a looming threat to the North, and her dismissal of the threat of the Night King is bad news for Jon. Plus her plan to take King's Landing sounds way too ambitious to actually succeed. Jon assembles the lords of the North to inform them about both Sam's and Tyrion's messages, and tells them he's chose to go to Dragonstone to meet with Daenerys.

"Arya's not domesticated and it makes total sense her wolf wouldn't be either". She recognizes the massive wolf as her old pet, Nymeria, which she drove off into to woods in season one to save it from being killed by Lannisters.

According to the Independent Beniof said Arya wants Nymeria to come back home with her and be her loyal companion again.

Whether or not Lyanna and Rhaegar were married when Jon was conceived, making him a true born Targaryen, he still shares a bloodline with Daenerys. In "Dragonstone", Jon received a message from Cersei requesting the same action. However, before he leaves, Jon gives control of the North to Sansa and secretly warns Lord Baelish to stay away from his sister.

With Stormborn, the second episode from Game of Thrones' penultimate season, the makers have given its omnipresent fanbase a superlative work to swear by. The only thing that made the most sense was the last-minute reveal of Euron's intended gift for Cersei, despite its thoroughly cuckoo execution. He boards their ship and a fierce battle ensues.

If not Olenna, there are simpler ways that Euron Greyjoy could have known about Yara's whereabouts. It appears as if its Ellaria Sand and her daughter Tyene.