Twitter Stickers coming to Snapchat your Tweet photos

Twitter did not share if and how stickers would allow for advertisers to take advantage of them, but now, any existing Tweet can be promoted.

Stickers will be Twitter's own; you won't be able to use one from a favorite third-party app. It's a new way to add creativity and some fun to your photos. Additionally, you are able to use multiple stickers on a single photo, you can resize and rotate them as well.

Twitter has 310 million active users on its platform and is viewed by many as a quick way to engage with real-time news, or, on the content creator side of the service, to connect with an audience.

After you tweet the photo, it'll be added to a searchable public timeline, where you can check out photos from other users who used the same Sticker.

With these #Stickers, you have the choice of using props, emojis and accessories which will make your photo a bit more fun. After it's been tweeted, you can search based on the stickers added. What's radical about this update to Twitter isn't that you'll be putting cartoon glasses on your images, but that these stickers work like hashtag links.

Although no specific release window was given, the company said the rollout for stickers on iOS and Android would be completed over the next few weeks.

So if you put a amusing hat on your bestie, someone could tap that sticker and see a timeline of all public images that use that same sticker. You've also got the ability to filter your photos, tag your photos, crop your photos, and edit accessibility.