Take your language with you, British told

With English seemingly on its way out, the Italians are pushing for their language to become one of the official languages of the EU.

English, the world's second language and the main working tongue of EU institutions, may no longer be an official language of the European Union once Britain leaves the bloc, a senior EU lawmaker said on Monday.

"The English language no longer has any legitimacy in Brussels", tweeted the far-right mayor of the southern town of Beziers, Robert Menard. "English is a second language of the constitutional point of view".

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It also has fixed quotas for the amount of foreign songs on French radio. This gives English-speaking researchers and companies an edge over competitors who speak other languages. Hbner points out that no other European Union country has English as its official language-the European Union has 24 of them-so if the United Kingdom goes, so too goes its language, unless the other European Union countries vote to retain it.

More than a quarter can speak French and almost a third can speak German.

It is Britain's greatest global export but the English language could be banned from the heart of Europe after Brexit.

Alternatively, rules could be changed to let countries have more than one official language, Hubner suggested.

"We know that it rains a lot in England, and that in France it is raining anglicisms", the esteemed Academie Francaise - which closely tracks the creeping of English words into the French language - says on its website.

Despite the well-worn stereotype that the French shy away from speaking English, many younger French people are keen to improve their skills, and have adopted numerous anglicisms in every day language.