Petition to hold 2nd Brexit vote gaining steam in UK

"A negotiation with the European Union will need to begin under a new prime minister and I think it is right that this new prime minister take the decision about when to trigger article 50 and start the formal and legal process of leaving the EU", he said. "I think he would be great as an global ambassador for the country because he is flamboyant, British and confident". The euro slid 2.0 percent against the USA dollar.

World stocks saw more than $2 trillion wiped off their value. USA stocks fell suffered the largest selloff in ten months sharply, with the Dow Jones industrial average losing 3.4 percent. And markets slid worldwide on Friday.

Friday's result also threatens to redefine Britain's growing financial services relationship with China, which has agreed to a number of joint projects as part of the China-UK Economic and Financial Dialogue (EFD) program to deepen economic ties between the two counties, based largely on the UK's membership of the EU.

"It's an explosive shock. At stake is the break-up pure and simple of the union", French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said. "Now is the time to invent another Europe".

"German Chancellor Angela Merkel called the "Brexit" vote a watershed for European unification".

Pro-Brexit voters were persuaded by the argument that leaving the European Union meant taking back control of immigration - by abandoning the bloc's principle of free movement among member states - and reclaiming billions that Britain pays to Brussels each year.

Juncker said Saturday the British had voted to leave and "it doesn't make any sense to wait until October to try and negotiate the terms of their departure". "We're all going to have to foot the bill for it, I'm hoping it won't be anything too drastic", said 24-year old Lauren Smedley.

In the short run, uncertainty will prevail, but in the medium and long term, the next United Kingdom premier and his Cabinet will have to do their best to counter negativity about the United Kingdom economy, trade financial services and investment - the very message of Brexit campaign leaders Michael Gove, Justice Secretary and former mayor of London Boris Johnson and Labour opposition MP Gisela Stuart.

Mr Johnson said: "We can find our voice in the world again, a voice that is commensurate with being the fifth-biggest economy on Earth". "In politics, economics, fashion, music, art and many other fields, Britain has often led the world in new and unexpected directions", Crowley says. Farage, frozen out of the official campaign, went further, publishing a poster showing refugees entering the European Union that Leave supporter Michael Gove said made him "shudder".

"Policy towards Europe-including the very decision to hold a referendum on Brexit-has always been set by politicians whose primary concern is how their stance on Europe will play with key constituents, and by party leaders eager to keep their disparate electoral coalitions intact. He has an terrible lot of support in the Conservative Party membership". In a blitz of phone calls, Obama and top advisers called British and European officials to express support. Britons "took back control of their country", he said in Scotland where he was opening a golf resort.

He said Cameron has done the honorable thing by resigning.

When interviewed one woman said she was "disappointed" by the outcome despite voting for the change.

Britain has always been ambivalent about its relations with the rest of post-war Europe.

As the vote swung toward "leave", the British pound dropped to its lowest level in more than 30 years.

Trump has echoed those themes in his campaign and in his statement Friday, drawing a direct parallel to the issues driving USA voters. The suspect later told a court his name was "Death to traitors, freedom for Britain".

What's more worrisome, perhaps, is if Brexit becomes contagious and other disaffected European voters push through similar referendums.

Then there are those who may have voted Leave simply to stick it to the political elite both in London and Brussels.

She said a new referendum on Scottish independence from the United Kingdom is "very much on the table".

Canadians living and working in Britain say they're considering changing long-standing plans after the results of Thursday's referendum.