Mom Writes Letter After Son With Down Syndrome Excluded From Party

When 8-year-old Sawyer was the only child in his class who didn't get an invite to a birthday party, his mom Jennifer Kiss-Engele knew: it was because her child had Down syndrome. Jennifer Kiss-Engele of British Columbia was aware that her son was not invited because he was not kind or happy.

An open letter written by a self-proclaimed "mama bear" went viral on Facebook, when she used the moment as an opportunity to educate other parents about her son and Down syndrome.

Kiss-Engle went on to say that the snub was not because her son is mean, or not fun, or that the birthday child and Sawyer don't get along, but rather, "The only reason why you decided it was OK to not invite my son to your child's birthday party is because he has Down Syndrome". "Of course he's been beaming ever since and can't stop talking about it". It's even more painful when you know it's happening due to a disorder your child can't control. "They will remember the time that their parent said to them, it's not OK to leave someone out because of their disability, race, or gender", Kiss-Engele writes.

"You see, having Down syndrome doesn't mean that you don't want to have friends", the letter said.

"But this is a great opportunity and life lesson to have with your child", Kiss-Engele said.

"They want to have close relationships, they want to feel love, they want to contribute, they want to have meaningful lives, and they want to go to birthday parties".

She started her letter on Facebook saying that she and the parent of the child who had the birthday party do not know each other very well but her son Sawyer is in the same class as the other mother's child.

I know it's not because he's mean, you couldn't meet a happier child. I know it can be hard to teach our children something we may not understand ourselves.

In addition, she explained the negative message it would send to children allowed to not invite a peer due to their differences.

You can read the full post below. "The parent read my letter, spoke to their child about Sawyer, and the child created a special birthday invite for Sawyer", she wrote.