Lebron and Cavaliers get heroic welcome in Cleveland

When LeBron James announced he was coming home - coming back to Cleveland after leading Miami to two National Basketball Association titles - it was for one reason only.

Cavaliers' J.R. Smith greets fans from the back of a pickup truck.

He talked about how lucky Dahntay Jones was to land with the Cavs days before the end of the regular season.

"It's so surreal. For some insane reason, I feel like I'm gonna wake up and it's going to be Game 4 again". This was his baby - and Cleveland's. Along with the Monsters, The LeBron James Family Foundation, Cavs cheerleaders, and even Cleveland-born rapper Machine Gun Kelly rode floats.

"This is the happiest time in my life right now", James told Cleveland.com.

Cleveland Police say a 13-year-old girl was shot moments after the city celebrated its first pro sports title in more half a century.

Once he reached the stage and rally, James spent almost 20 minutes thanking each of his teammates during a sometimes profane speech.

The team's home city waited more than 50 years for a major sports championship. James also said he would become a free agent next month, but that is only to take advantage of a new NBA TV deal that increase the league's maximum salary figures.

In a letter written by veteran Richard Jefferson to Cavs fans, Jefferson said, "I don't care if you're a LeBron fan or not". "Let's get ready for next year". The crowd was so large near Quicken Loans Arena that the parade was delayed because the open-air vehicles that were supposed to carry the Cavaliers were having difficulty getting through to the staging area.

Although there was little doubt that LeBron James would stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers after their 2016 NBA Championship win, there was still speculation from some corners that he might leave Cleveland, Ohio. J.R., still shirtless, is walking along the parade route having a blast. Kevin Love wore an "Ohio Against The World" ball cap and two pro wrestling belts strapped across his body.

Several die-hard fans had been waiting for the parade to start since Tuesday, NPR reported.

After the first 14 Cavs players had spoken, LeBron James took the mic as Diddy's "Coming Home" played, and once the song was over, LeBron launched into a very long speech that saw him get about as real as you'll ever see him get.

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