Jordan shuts Syria borders after deadly auto bomb attack

Jordan closed its borders with Iraq and Syria on Tuesday and declared them as military areas that civillians are not allowed to enter.

A car-bomb exploded near al-Rukban security checkpoint near border with Syria, the Jordanian army was quoted as saying by the state television.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility but Jordan is part of the US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State (IS) group in neighboring Syria and Iraq, and has been targeted by jihadists before.

A number of other vehicles used in the attack were destroyed, it added. "There is a large concentration of people along [these] borders and [there is] a big infiltration of elements from DAESH", Judeh said.

Gen. Mashal Mohammad Al Zabin, King Abdullah II's adviser for military affairs, ordered the northern and northeastern border areas with Syria closed, according to the military.

"(They) don't belong to Islam at all because if they have Islam they would not have done what they are doing, slaughtering people, suicide attackers, things like that.

Jordan has carried out air strikes against IS in neighbouring Syria since 2014.

But Jordan, which has already accepted more than 600,000 UN-registered refugees, has resisted, arguing that IS militants may have infiltrated the refugees' ranks.

"We wish to express our honest condolences and sympathy to the victims' families, the Government and the people of Jordan", it said.

It says Islamic State militants may have infiltrated their ranks as a lot of them come from Islamic State-held areas in central and eastern Syria, and has allowed only a trickle of refugees, mostly women and children, in recent months.

The statement expressed its warmest sympathies and condolences for the fallen troops' families and wishing the injured a speedy recovery. WFP staff in Jordan travel 160 kilometers daily in four trucks to deliver vegetables, fruit and canned food to the refugees, who cross an earthen barrier running along the border to receive their rations before returning to camps in a no-man's land, he said.

Two weeks ago, a gunman armed with an assault rifle killed five people in an office of Jordan's intelligence agency.

Most of the water that reaches the camp comes from Jordan, bread is expensive and vegetables unaffordable, she said.

Jordan has restricted admissions of refugees from the berm, citing the need for security vetting.