Flesh-eating bacteria found in 27 Texans this year

"The news station reported that he was running a fever within a day and had a rash on his leg".

Inquisitr said that Ruiz was admitted to the Seton Medical Center Hays in Kyle the following day, where a series of tests confirmed that he has contracted the flesh-eating bacteria. After analyzing the rash and the rest of the symptoms, Ruiz physician diagnosed him with Vibrio vulnificus, a bacteria that affects humans that enter the contaminated water having wounds or open cuts.

"Once the doctor looked at his foot, he said 'I think this is cellulitis, but I know you have been in the beach water. The bacteria had not yet been reported in Port Aransas, KXAN reported".

Another man is falling victim to flesh-eating bacteria in Texas waters!

Even Ruiz's wife, Lashelle Ruiz, confessed that they would have never gotten in the water if they had known about the flesh-eating bacteria.

Ruiz's condition is gradually improving and he is expected to make a full recovery. "Every time it seems like its getting better, then something else happens". Dr. Fausto Meza works at Seton Hays.

As for the family, they say vacations from now on will only include freshwater. Therefore, an account was open on YouCaring.com website where everyone can bring their contribution to support the family's medical expenses.

So far in 2016, the Texas Department of State Health Services noted there have been 27 reported cases of Vibrio. The 50-year-old man, Brian Parrott, got part of his right leg amputated, so that his life could be saved from fatal infection from "flesh-eating" bacteria he developed following a trip to the beach in Galveston on June 12. Avoid marine or brackish water, too, when there's an existing wound.

If you sustain a wound or injury while exposed to salty seawater or while handling seafood, thoroughly clean and disinfect the area immediately and seek medical attention if the area becomes inflamed.

The family made their way home back to Buda, and Adrian's leg started blistering. Adrian Ruiz was traveling to Port Aransas with his family when they chose to take a bath.