Annie Apple posts #MommyCam videos: 'Look at Eli's little security ..

In the first of three #MommyCam videos, she can be heard shouting: "look at Eli's little security man!" in reference to the security guard posted up outside the New York Giants' training facility.

Eli's first day as a NY Giants. She's been driving Apple to football practice since he was a kid, she wrote, and couldn't pass up the chance to drop him off at training camp. It's hard to turn off the mommy meter at these pivotal moments.

For as much as we think of the journeys players take on their long roads to professional sports, it's easy to overlook the role mothers and other supportive people play in making those dreams come true.

"She followed the video with tweets that read: "#tbt Eli reporting for OTAs.

"This is so cool, dude", Eli's sister replies, before scolding her mother.

"It's Eli's first day", Annie says, with her excitement clear in her voice. Apple said he doesn't expect his mother to change, ESPN reported.

"Oh, we gotta go", Eli responds, adding that he needs to "get to the bus".

Apple was drafted out of Ohio State with the No. 10 overall selection in April's NFL Draft.