Trump to hold rally in Albuquerque on Tuesday

In addition to the Trump campaign's financial health, the filings also show that when Cruz dropped out, money wasn't the issue: He had $9.4 million in his campaign coffers at the end of April, just days before his defeat May 3 in the in primary prompted him to end his bid. "We're going to strengthen our country", Trump says in his first address tailored exclusively to a Hispanic audience.

During the discussion, Bramnick said he shared NHCLC's immigration reform platform with Trump.

This point of view is perhaps unique to Trump, but not exclusive to NCLR, said Rev. Rodriguez.

Interestingly, though voters thought Trump "truly will" build the wall along the U.S. -Mexico border (54-42 percent), and believe he will forcibly deport illegal immigrants (50-44 percent), it's Clinton who wins voters' trust in handling nuclear weapons (49-38 percent). "I don't know", Rodriguez said.

"He's not fit to be commander in chief or head of state", said Kunkler, who added he plans to write in Romney's name on the November ballot. "Mr. Trump has always been very clear on his position", said Hope Hicks, a spokeswoman for the Trump campaign, when asked if the meeting signaled any policy shift. Another poll, meanwhile, from earlier this week, has even better news for Trump: NBC News and Survey Monkey find that Clinton leads Trump among Hispanics by only 65 to 28 percent-that is, 37 points.

Donald Trump is to address the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference this weekend, via a pre-recorded video message. About 1,200 evangelical leaders are gathered at the event, spearheaded by Samuel Rodriguez.

Clinton says: "Let's ... give everyone a quality education no matter their zip code".

Stylistically, the candidates' videos are a study in contrast. Rodriguez, the president of NHCLC, hopes Trump will apologize to the Latino immigrant community for his "hurtful, erroneous, and unsafe statements", and he wants to know what Trump's actual immigration solution is beyond all his talk of a building a border wall and deporting millions.

Want more hot BPR News stories? It's one of his most overt moves to date to fix the damage he has done with members of the crucial Latino voting bloc, many of whom have bristled at Trump's past name-calling, stereotyping, and calls to deport undocumented immigrants.

"He needs to take the steps to reach out to Latinos", Aguilar added.

"Much was made during the 2012 election about Mitt Romney's dismal performance among Latino voters (27 percent)", Fox reports.

You can register for up to two tickets to attend Trump's rally here.

Only 12 percent of poll participants listed immigration as the most important issue this election.

Latinos dislike Donald Trump a lot more than they do Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin). "I have to work with the political realities that we have".