Trump may not be conservative always, but Clinton always will be liberal

If Trump wins none of the Clinton weak states, but Clinton also fails to win any of Trump's weak states - Colorado, Arizona, Georgia, and Missouri - Hillary Clinton takes home 338 electoral votes, leaving Trump with just 200, an easy victory for the Democrat. Sanders gets 43 percent to Trump's 41 percent in the Buckeye State. Reporter: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump aren't even officially in a one-on-one yet but you wouldn't know that by the attacks that are flying and now Clinton is hoping that a trump candidacy might scare off some in the republican party and send them her way.

Mr Sanders is expected to perform well in West Virginia, despite Mrs Clinton's huge lead in overall delegates.

Democrats have been hammering Trump with some of his comments about women, trying to continue to keep those unfavorables high among the key voting demographic. "Of course [President George W.] Bush wouldn't agree to reinstate them", said Clinton. Even the New York Times, which endorsed Clinton for president, called her "the last true hawk left in the race", acknowledging that "neither Donald J. Trump nor Senator Ted Cruz of Texas have demonstrated anywhere near the appetite for military engagement overseas that Clinton has". His fundraising has fallen off and so, too, has his advertising, with only about $525,000 in ads planned for California and $63,000 each in West Virginia and OR, according to advertising tracker Kantar Media's CMAG.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who trails behind his Democratic rival, leads the likely Republican nominee in all three swing states, the poll found. Some voters weren't happy Tuesday that Trump was their only real choice in the Republican primaries.

I, like many other Bernie Sanders supporters, will never vote for Hillary Clinton.

Two polls compiled by RealClearPolitics had pointed to a narrow Sanders win in West Virginia.

A victory for Sanders in West Virginia could boost his campaign in advance of June 7 contests in which almost 700 delegates are at stake, including 475 in California, where Sanders is now focusing his efforts. "And if we do that, I think you are looking at the Democratic nominee for president".

Clinton's other two weak states as of May 5 are Nevada and Iowa - but winning just those four weak Clinton states will still not be enough for Donald Trump. But it was probably one of the nastiest salvos against the Clintons and a foretaste of the quality of mudslinging we can expect from him as the general election campaign heats up.

"There have been a lot of surprises", Jane Sanders said. In 1996, Hillary's husband actually lost the male vote to Bob Dole by one point, but rolled up a 16-point margin with women. "Forget this one. The primary is gone", Trump said at a rally in Charleston.

Without alternative Republicans in the race, Trump's returns among women could be telling.