Stephen Colbert Calls For More Female Villains In Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is dominating movies after yet another box office-crushing performance from Captain America: Civil War, but the studio's franchise of interconnected movies has been criticized for being light on women.

"There was an early draft of "Iron Man 3" where we had an inkling of a problem".

"And I gotta say, all that Spandex really showcases the sausage", Colbert said. Which is that we had a female character who was the villain in the draft.

Bouncing off Iron Man 3 director Shane Black's claim that the film's villain was changed from being a woman because of an unnamed executive's assertion that toys based on female characters don't sell, Colbert jokingly took on Marvel's lack of female lead characters on his show.

The filmmaker maintains, however, that these decisions were made by "Marvel corporate", rather than Iron Man 3 producer Kevin Feige, who is now the president of Marvel.

- Mere Smith (@EvilGalProds) May 16, 2016 Holy crap, they changed the villain of "Iron Man 3" because Marvel corporate was anxious about toy sales. "Girls don't pay with dolls!"

Colbert went on to deconstruct the idea that a female action figure wouldn't sell.

Colbert added, "This is so disappointing". I mean everyone had to have Meryl Streep from 'Sophie's Choice.' I really struggled with whether to open that one or keep it in the box.

He further joked that Darth Vader was first written as Darlene Vader, "a talented, powerful woman who struggled to balance her imperial ambitions with raising her rebellious twins." plus, "Doctor Doom: Why does he have to be a man? They better fix this in the next Fantastic Four movie, and there better not be another Fantastic Four movie".