Sanders takes stage in Oregon as primary nears

The telephone poll involved about 3,200 likely voters and had a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Sanders won handily in almost every demographic, according to exit polls.

Voters also were opposed to trade deals, a top issue with Sanders. While Clinton has proposed programs to help coal workers laid off due to a changing energy industry, she was haunted by her statement during a CNN town hall in March that "we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business".

Bernie Sanders is the projected victor of the West Virginia Democratic primary, according to The Associated Press. Of those voters, 62% went with Sanders - the self-described democratic socialist.

Among those voting in the West Virginia Democratic primary, about a third said they would support Trump over either Clinton or Sanders in November.

She later apologized and suggested her remarks were misunderstood, but in a state where livelihoods have hinged on coal for generations, many are unconvinced.

But Tuesday's (local time) loss could signal trouble for Mrs Clinton with working-class voters in the US Rust Belt, where she would need to prevail in key states, such as OH and Pennsylvania, in the general election. "He's a very good man, he wants what's good for the party", the NY billionaire said.

Democrats also held a primary election Tuesday in Nebraska, although the party allocated all its delegates to the summer nominating convention in an earlier caucus won by Sanders.

Mr Trump, who won in West Virginia and Nebraska, was now trying to unite the Republican Party after a contentious primary season.

But Sanders' victory nearly definitely will not be enough to block her path to the nomination.

Trump now has 1,068 delegates and needs 169 to officially clinch the Republican nomination.

But with West Virginia's 29 delegates awarded on a proportionate basis, the small net gain for Sanders is unlikely to make much of a dent in the lead of 290 pledged delegates that Clinton had going into the contest. Clinton needs 155 more to claim the Democratic Party nomination. Sanders was in Stockton and the Bay Area Monday, where he said he's the only one who could beat republican Donald Trump.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks with young parents during a roundtable discussion at the Family Care Center in Lexington, Ky., Tuesday, May 10, 2016. "Let me be as clear as I can be".

Mr Trump was declared the victor in West Virginia and in Nebraska.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz dropped out of the GOP primary last week but re-emerged Tuesday to add some intrigue into the race.

But that doesn't mean the Republican Party is unified.

Democratic presidential candidates are also competing in West Virginia and now with a quarter of all expected votes recorded, Sen. Just 3 in 10 think it will remain divided. Only 1 in 10 think their party is united now, but about another 6 in 10 think it will unite by November.

In a curious poll, 44 percent of Sanders voters said they would choose Republican Trump in the general election, compared with just 26 percent who chose Clinton and 27 percent who chose neither.

Exit polls on both sides of the race showed an electorate hungry for a shake-up in Washington.

Despite his differences with the former secretary of state Mrs Clinton, Mr Sanders said, they had one common goal - defeating Mr Trump.