Russian Federation uses video game image in claim Aleppo rebels have 'chemical ammo'

Interestingly, the bomb truck can be outfitted with chemical ammo to increase its potency, though its more than likely that the Russian Embassy wasn't aware of this.

One of the trucks even has a biohazard symbol on the back.

Russia's United Kingdom embassy staff declined to comment on the photo and directed to a full statement on the Syria crisis when contacted for comment.

The official London Russian Embassy Twitter account just posted some important news. Accompanying the text was a screenshot of a scene from the popular video game, "Command and Conquer: Generals".

Earlier today, it posted another tweet and included a still from the zombie flick "Dead Snow".

Russian Federation has been heavily criticised for its role in the Syria conflict, with many nations claiming its bombing campaign is aimed at propping up the regime of Moscow's ally, the tyrannical Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and not stopping ISIS.

Citing the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and rebel sources, Reuters reported Thursday that Syrian government forces fought with rebels north of Aleppo as a ceasefire in the city expired.

"Command & Conquer:Generals", on the other hand, is an EA-published video game from 2003, which takes place in a near-future setting where the US and China team up to combat a terrorist organisation known as the GLA.