New TSA Efforts Result In Longer Wait At Airports

"Contemplate increased wait times as you travel". But he added, "We're not going to compromise aviation security because of this". Now I hear you telling me the airlines have been in tough financial shape and would have undoubted passed that expense on in the form of increased fares. But there are fewer Transportation Security Administration screeners because of faulty traffic projections in years past.

But the government cannot take any shortcuts that could endanger security, he said.

The long lines affected several major US airports, including those in New York, Chicago, Washington and Atlanta, according to reports from CNN.

The long lines at airport checkpoints stretch from coast to coast, about as long as the line at Midway must have felt.

Passenger wait times at Port Authority airports, the May 4 letter reads, have "risen dramatically in recent months, prompting angry complaints from passengers, terminal operators and airlines alike", resulting in delayed flights and missed connections.

"This line starts at the sliding departure doors by check in, zig zags through the baggage claim belts, though the lobby and finally to TSA", Jones Tweeted.

The TSA has refocused on screening and opened a new centralized academy in Georgia earlier this year to help improve training.

Friday morning, American Airlines held at least five flights at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport because of passengers stuck at security lines, according to airline spokesman Ross Feinstein. "In this, we can not and we will not compromise the security of aviation or the American people", Johnson said.

The summer travel season isn't even here yet and security checkpoint lines at airports have become a traveler's nightmare.

The TSA announcement comes amid growing calls for privatizing airport security at airports in Atlanta, New York and Seattle, as travelers light up Facebook and Twitter with griping about missed flights and epic traffic jams at TSA checkpoints.

"We're bringing on more than we're losing", he said.

"Our customers have voiced their concerns with the length of TSA lines at airports nationwide", Feinstein said. "We were missing 30 passengers for a flight to Orlando".

TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger blamed the long lines on a loss of thousands of employees in 2014 that the agency has yet to replace.

After the press conference, Rep. John Mica, a Florida Republican who sits on the House Transportation Committee, suggest that TSA should tailor screeners' schedules to fit the volume of passenger traffic in lines, rather than conforming to shift schedules.

TSA plans to add more screeners to its staff to prepare for summer.

But it's also true that the TSA is in a tough spot.

Working with Congress to secure additional financial resources to cover TSA needs. It will also budget an additional $26 million for overtime pay.