Mass. Republicans to elect delegates at 9 caucuses

Trump could still do that on June 7, when California, New Jersey and three other states hold the final Republican primaries, offering a total of 303 delegates.

He said: 'The people of Arizona got cheated, I got cheated, and the Trump delegates got cheated'.

In Massachusetts, at least 23 of the 27 delegates picked Saturday were supported by the Trump campaign, the Boston Globe reported. "Somebody messed with the system". Trump is already far behind in gaining second-ballot delegates and said that he is only putting forth effort to win on the first ballot at this point.

"It is gonna be a contested convention", Cruz said on ABC's This Week program.

Voting delegates at the gathering in Mesa were instructed by organizers to log on to NeverHillary.

The Real Clear Politics average of California polls shows Trump leading Cruz in the state by more than 17 percentage points, with Kasich in third place.

Virtually shut out of delegations in recent primaries, Cruz is mathematically eliminated from clinching the nomination through primary elections. Still, she won more votes in this overwhelmingly Democratic state than other Republican candidates for statewide office that year and displayed a hard-charging campaign style that endeared her to many Republicans.

"When people lose, they feel awful and wish they won", Graham added, nodding in DeWit's direction. "I am not willing to give up on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights". "The speed and efficiency is convenient, but it's still incumbent on the voter to ensure that if I thought I voted for Jan Brewer, that there's a checkmark next to Jan Brewer".

Cuccinelli also said that "test issues" voted on earlier in the weekend revealed broad Cruz support among the activists who made up the state convention.

He dismissed the threat of litigation as "another lawsuit that will never actually be filed". This past week, Trumps lawyers sent the Federal Election Commission a letter renewing the campaigns disavowal of groups using his “name, image, likeness, or slogans in connection with soliciting contributions.” All the groups planning Cleveland activities repeatedly use his name in their literature., Trump led the field with 38.9% of the vote.

CRUZ: I think a Trump presidency would be a disaster. An additional 16% of the delegates were selected individually. "Donald Trump talks about polls, polls, polls", Babcock said.

Trump was the only one of the 10 candidates on the stage who raised his hand. The release was delayed as campaign and party officials met behind closed doors to hash out what was initially described by most involved as a minor hiccup in the process.

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump has a Plan B if hes faced with a contested convention, and it involves the sort of outside groups that hes called “corrupt.”.

The problem for all of them - Trump, Cruz and Kasich - is that California is a nation state and Republicanism in all its current forms is out of step with the broad sentiments of California voters.