Man who won $1M lottery for 2nd time: 'This is impossible'

- Bruce Magistro of Lindenhurst, Long Island, hit the winning numbers of a $1 million scratch-off lottery ticket recently, and only four years after winning his first million bucks.

The New York Lottery is slated to formally announce the victor on Wednesday, but sources, including the person who sold the ticket, confirmed Magistro had bought the winning ticket.

Magistro said he plays the lottery every day.

Magistro said winning a million dollars feels just as dreamlike the second time around.

His second jackpot, Magistro said, is not going to stop him from playing the NY lottery.

One of the strangest aspects of his double-win has to be the prediction from the face of the New York Lottery that it would happen again. When Magistro won $1 million on a different lottery scratch-off game in 2012, he bought the ticket from Abizeid's brother, John, who owns a gas station nearby.

"He usually buys the $10 and $20 scratch-off tickets, " said Mike's Super Citgo boss Mike Abizeid.

He plans to use the winnings to fund his second wedding.

The latest win came the first time he had played the Win for Life game, which will pay him $US1,000 each week - with a minimum of $US1 million - for the rest of his life.

"I am living proof that lighting does strike twice", she was quoted as saying in a press release. "If you play more, you win more".

A North Carolina woman with breast cancer won $1 million in a lottery game in February and then scored a $250,000 prize last month.

Magistro, 48, a home renovator, won his first big check in 2012 for the Extreme Cash prize of $1 million, and most of the winnings went toward his wife's lung cancer treatment, he said.