Kasich officially drops out of presidential race

"I thought that I'd be going longer and she'd be going shorter". She said she would "most likely" go for Clinton over Trump, but stressed that she wasn't "100 percent". But his general election hurdles could extend to white voters as well, a problem masked by his dominance in the GOP electorate.

With Kasich's announcement, Trump is now the presumptive GOP nominee for president.

"It wasn't sexy", Kasich said of his message. Republicans such as Sasse worry both about Trump's views on immigration and foreign policy and his overthe- top persona.

Republican lawmakers are overwhelmingly opposed to raising the federal minimum wage, which is now $7.25 per hour, while Democrats have called for raising the wage floor to as high as $15 per hour.

Trump took fire from conservatives and Republican primary opponents earlier in the campaign when he told Fox News that "everything is negotiable" as he responded to a report that he suggested to The New York Times editorial board in an off-the-record meeting that his immigration views are in fact more flexible than the hardline positions he laid out during his primary campaign. Wednesday party leaders began moving to unify the state party behind a Trump candidacy.

"It happened. So the reality is it'll be Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton and that's a no-brainer for me". Trump is turning to Chris Christie and Ben Carson to help him find his mate, though he once said Carson suffered from "pathological disease".

After a string of huge defeats in state primaries, Sen. The Vermont senator won the IN primary Tuesday, demonstrating her lingering weaknesses within her own party. The baseless accusation had been lifted from the pages of the supermarket tabloid National Enquirer.

"We have tremendous numbers of Democrats that have voted for me", he said, in a Tuesday morning interview on MSNBC.

Some Republicans fear Trump's poor standing with those voters will not only cost the party the White House for a third straight term but the GOP's Senate majority as well.

Trump's conquest over a once seemingly impossible path to the Republican nomination did not keep the billionaire from continuing to rail against the Republican nominating process.

"You've got to tell people what it is you're going to do and how you're going to do it".

"To me, this is the classic case of a blustering, bullying guy", the all-but-certain Democratic nominee told CNN. She said it showed the Republican Party is fractured and lacks leadership. Vos supported U.S. Sen. "I'm running to become president to really deal with the economy and get it working again". We all remember that hug in SC from that young man who had found despair and then found hope somehow, and he just wanted to give me a hug, and the country marveled. The Republican candidate had said, "We can't continue to allow China to rape our country, and that's what we're doing".