Family: Toddler's light-up shoes sparked fire inside SUV

The family bought shoes that light up, which are sold at Payless Shoe Store nationwide.

Authorities are now investigating a report that a Texas toddler's shoes were left inside the family's SUV and ignited and burned out the backseat.

Atilla and Jovan Piraj said their two-and-a-half-year-old son kicked off his Jake and the Neverland Pirates light-up shoes while the family was driving Friday night.

The Virags believe a lithium ion battery inside the shoes may be to blame.

The fire marshal's office is investigating. They said they were shocked when they went to the vehicle on Saturday morning and saw the mess. According to KHOU, Jovan Virag took one of the shoes apart and discovered that it was powered by a tiny lithium battery - the kind that have been known for shorting out and causing small fires in hoverboards and other small electronics. "I'm just glad that my son wasn't wearing them at the time". "I didn't know there's a battery in there that could be flammable if it's shorted", Attila tells KHOU. Jovan Virag called the Harris County Fire Marshal's Office to take a closer look.

"They'll have to do a lot more testing to find out if it's safe to have that technology in the shoe", Rita Lomasney, of Glastonbury, said.

A family is warning parents about kids' light-up shoes after they had a frightening experience. They did not provide an answer.

Payless Shoe Source issued a statement saying safety is a top priority. "You don't think about the risks".