Every rape victim deserves to be heard -- except by Hillary Clinton

A popular meme circulating Facebook is the slogan "life's a bitch, so don't vote for one" plastered with a parody of Hillary Clinton's face to Barack Obama's former campaign logo.

The former president made a brief surprise campaign stop in Lexington following his Frankfort appearance before concluding the day with an evening stop in Prestonsburg.

MSNBC may have thought it was presenting an examination of Trump's male voter base when it sat down with five men to ask the question: What role did Hillary Clinton play in her husband's infidelity?

Last week, Clinton visited the Kentucky Center for African-American Heritage.

"Hillary's comments on coal have hurt her", he said.

Chelsea Clinton outlined her mother's accomplishments, including working with Republican and Democrats to create a health program, which covers more than 8 million children, and expanding the rights for those with disabilities.

Mr. Clinton often brags his administration oversaw strong economic growth, job creation and low unemployment-conveniently omitting that his 1994 crime bill increased mass incarceration rates across the country, providing a misleading boost to employment statistics. Bernie Sanders at the polls in New Jersey on June 7. The Vermont senator has won 19 state primary races thus far, including his resounding performance in this week's West Virginia contest, while reports indicate Clinton is dipping into her general-election war chest to run ads against him.

However, Clinton also defended the higher sentencing by claiming that "we could not pass that bill without the higher sentencing. We overdid the sentencing in the '90s, we need to reverse it".

"If I've already won the jackpot, why am I going to work?" he said. "I think he really wants to help the people".

Responding to a heckler critical of the 1994 Crime Bill, Bill Clinton says that in 2016, "You don't have anybody you can vote for who didn't have anything to do with this".